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TJ & QD Testimonials

"Steven is an excellent teacher, consistently patient, creative, and skillful. Steven uses a variety of approaches to explain the Taiji form, including demonstrations, (partner) exercises, and even metaphor. He is extremely knowledgable concerning the underpinnings of Taiji, its health benefits and its martial arts applications.  He gives personal attention to each student and breaks down the complicated form into smaller elements that are easier to understand. Steven also has a pleasant, helpful manner that makes the class enjoyable. I would enthusiastically recommend his classes to anyone interested in the benefits of Taiji." -- John Heymann

“I have been diabetic since age 3 and am insulin-dependent. I have been your tai chi student for several weeks. After more than 10 years of no sensation in my feet from diabetic neuropathy, since beginning my tai chi practice, sensation in my feet has increased, and for the last two weeks they have increased strongly. I am positive that the tai chi system gives very good results for my diabetic condition.” -- Alla Pourzyreva

“It was good to have you as a teacher. Your teaching was so concise and detailed. Thank you much.” --Julian Wong

“Thank you (for) an awesome workshop. An amazing level of detailed instruction superbly communicated. This is the first time I’ve felt deeply motivated to take up a regular qigong practice.” -- Ian Goldsmidt



“More than promised. Excellent knowledge of course subject from general to specific. Excellent class not only for info to clients, but for personal rejuvenation and increased energy.” -- Cindy Lyon, L.Ac. 

“(The) material was very accessible for both beginning and more advanced students. Steven presents material with a very clear narrative background, methodical practical experience, and ongoing individualized guidance. (He) is an excellent instructor--quite gifted, yet humble in his presentation. Thank you for your skill and sensitivity.” -- Pat Mayo, L.Ac.

“He has studied under well-known masters and instructors, and his knowledge of the taught material was self-evident. I would very much recommend this course for anyone, and will whenever I have the chance!” -- Masayuki Hamazaki, L.Ac.

“Thanks for your friendly and thorough approach to teaching!”  -- Doug Maclaren, L.Ac.

"This qigong course will ensure that I become a better practitioner through providing a means for me to focus on my own health while tending to the health of others. Preserving my own health is imperative if I am to continue helping others, and I feel that this instructor is truly facilitating that process."-- Diana Fernandes, Lic. Ac., M.A.O.M; Marlborough Wellness Center

"A terrific seminar! Very well paced and full of lots of useful, well presented material. He interspersed nicely the energetic explanations of the postures. Questions were answered plainly with practical analogies." -- Anne Geraghty, L.Ac.

"Thank you! The course is great. I've reached the point where at least I know how little I know. I think the presentation was excellent, and I intend practicing regularly. Please put me on your email list." -- Bridgit Holzer, L.Ac.

"So many CEU classes can be so drenched in theory. This was a great way to get some healing and replenishment for me so that I can be more powerful and effective with my patients." -- Wendy Goodwin, L.Ac., Middlebury, VT

"I found Steven's approach to teaching Qi Gong to be very effective. His style is gentle and understanding, coming from a place of humility which is different from other teachers I have studied with. His focus on getting the smaller details of each component part correct before moving to the next ... yielded good results. I would recommend his classes to anyone interested in learning Qi Gong." -- Savitri Clarke, Lic.Ac., CCH, HMC, RSHom(NA), Cape Ann Health Professionals, Rockport, MA

“Very well organized and comprehensive. This was an excellent class, one of the best I’ve taken.” -- Donald Currie, L.Ac.



"In high school I injured my shoulder wrestling and playing football. It has been bothering me for twenty years, I tried everything I could think of to help it, stretching, going to various doctors including physical therapy, but after a few months it was only slightly better. I work in construction, so this was interfering with my work as well as with most other aspects of my life, and I still was not able to get better. I recently decided to get back in shape and began lifting weights and the pain came back worse then ever and I had to stop doing shoulder exercises. I read an article on Qigong and figured it was worth a try so I looked up Steve and signed up for private lessons. I explained my shoulder problems to him and he taught me some Chinese exercises, and after just two weeks of learning and practicing my shoulder felt almost back to normal. Now, I'm able to work, sleep, and live my life without shoulder pain, and I've even been able to resume lifting weights." -- Dean Gilligan                     

"The very first day I did your exercise prescription, I immediately felt "opened up." In fact, that started as soon as I did the Whole Body Vibration." -- Linda B.


Online Testimonials

"I have attended several of Steven's Taiji, Qigong, and self-care workshops and classes live and now am very pleased to be able to continue my studies with him on-line.  Besides being a dedicated and talented practitioner, Steven is a particularly gifted and conscientious teacher.  He teaches with gentle exactitude, with his obviously carefully crafted lesson plans that allow for plenty of student questions and comments. His in-depth responses to our questions are always to-the-point and often memorable.


"I like that Steven creates a live workshop atmosphere in his Zoom classes. The class sizes are small, ensuring lots of back and forth visual and audio communication.  My old laptop is adequate for talking head Zoom meetings, but I am planning to upgrade to take even better advantage of Steven's future classes." -- Yuriko Kuwabara

"I am just a beginner in the taiji - qigong world and have only had a few teachers, but fortunately, some classes with very high-level ones. Most have been from the martial side of this world, which has been immensely rewarding, but few have consistently embodied the equanimity so cherished and espoused in classes, in martial arts folklore and in popular culture.


"Steven is one of the few who has consistently shown equanimity, patience and kindness towards students in my experience. I am grateful to be able to learn from him. He has the scientific knowledge of both eastern and western traditions and is able to bridge the gap between the two cultures so that non-Chinese speakers can understand this seemingly esoteric field.


"This is evident in the online classes where it can be challenging to understand and relay foreign concepts and practices. Steven's style is clear and simple but knowledgeable and complete. His enthusiasm comes across which is a great motivator when trying to learn new things that can be frustrating. All of this allows us to continue learning and benefitting from his knowledge and experience even in an online setting." -- Ariel

"I have been taking qigong classes with Steve for a few years. I switched to online classes when the pandemic made it impossible to take classes in person. It is a convenient way to take a class, no need to deal with traffic and parking, and I feel that I am making progress. The exercises are explained and demonstrated clearly, and the camera position makes it possible to get a close look at the demonstrations. Energy paths are explained in depth, and video recordings of classes are made available to students. This allows me to watch each class several times, and I find that, as a result, I retain more of the new material.


"Steve is a great teacher, and explains everything in detail. Since the class is in real time, there is an opportunity to ask questions. The atmosphere in class is relaxed and welcoming. Steve is patient and knowledgeable, and although I miss the hands-on in person interaction, I find that this is a good and enjoyable way to get the training, with some unique benefits." -- Na’ama Lion.

"I am learning qigong for the first time online and i think this would be really hard if Steven weren't such a good and knowledgeable teacher. It feels like he already knows all the way bodies have trouble doing the movements so he can at a zoom glance spot the problem. His style is quiet and gentle but he definitely means business. Steven has published a couple of books on Chinese medicine. You can learn tons from him." -- Anna Meigs, Brooklyn NY

"Steven’s online teachings are transmitted as clearly as in person.  It is easy to follow and practice Qi gong together with plenty of opportunities for questions, and clarifications.  The ability to be observed and offered personalized corrections in this format is extremely helpful." -- Bernice Wong

"My work has me on a laptop with teams from different countries, so I become top heavy with a lot of energy build-up in the head and eyes from constant exposure to the bright computer screen. It is important to learn to mentally and physically relax in order to stay healthy.


"My health has tremendously improved over the years studying with Steve. The various tai chi and (qigong) energy practices that he taught me has helped me circulate the energy and move into deeper relaxation—quickly. It keeps me healthy by circulating and grounding energy, opening up major energy centers and removing blockages.  He is one of the best teachers I know with 1-and 2-person exercises to help you feel the energy in and around your own body to help deepen your practice.


"With Steve’s online classes, the quality of his lessons continues to be at a high level.  It is easier now to schedule online classes since there is no constraint in reserving the physical space, which enables us to get regular feedback on our practice." -- Joe L.

"I have taken online, private lessons from Steve for over two years.  He is an excellent teacher who understands the fundamentals and passes them on in a calm, patient style.  I highly recommend his online courses." -- Bob Cummings


"As Cheech and Chong would say, “wow that was some good [stuff]”. I can’t recall an acupuncture session in recent memory that has had that dramatic a shift in resetting how I was feeling and putting me back into a really even, unanxious state for the rest of the day. You're the best!"--David Blank-Edelman

"(After treatment) yesterday, during a 3 hours rehearsal, I was standing up the whole time, no knee issues. Just now, going upstairs, no knee pain or discomfort. Thank you!  It is getting better!"--Na'ama Lion

"When I went to Steven Cardoza for acupuncture, I was almost 42 weeks pregnant. I had been taking herbs for ten days to encourage labor. My doctor wanted to induce labor with pitocin (oxytocin) that week. I really wanted a natural childbirth and was afraid the pitocin would make that unlikely.

"Within three hours of receiving the acupuncture, I felt the first contraction. 31 hours after the acupuncture I delivered a healthy 8 lb. 11 oz. baby girl!"--Michelle Harper

"Kaiser's doctors told me that the low back pain I had was "disc related" and that I would just have to learn to deal with the pain. And I did. With exercise, stretching, and being very cautious, I was able to keep the pain at bay. But, five months pregnant with my third child I somehow lost the capability to properly deal with my back.

"After my first visit with Steve Cardoza, I felt some relief. He then concocted an herbal tea mixture, commonly referred to as "yuck" in  my house, which I drank twice a day. The weekend I started the "tea treatment" I went on a retreat which involved strenuous hikes, sitting for long periods of time, and old, uncomfortable bunk beds to sleep in. Under normal conditions, this would have been hard for my back to endure, but thanks to Steve's treatment, even five months pregnant I breezed through the weekend."--Fawn Blasey Lustig


Remote Heal Testimonials

“A couple of years ago I was caught in a house fire suffering third-degree burns and lung damage.  Subsequently, I lost my motor skills and was wheelchair-bound. I became agoraphobic;  isolated and not speaking to anyone, unable to sleep for days at a time, unable to eat solid foods for over one year. I was in excruciating physical pain, suffered the complete loss of my memory, and experienced severe panic attacks. I was diagnosed as being Bipolar, Schizophrenic and Delusional. Today, thanks to you facilitating me using Long Distance Qigong healing, along with your intuition and wisdom, I have made excellent and miraculous progress.


"I majored in Psychology at San Francisco State University, minored in Holistic Health, and was involved with Psychologists, Counselors, and Psychiatrists all of my life.  For me, your level of counseling exceeds these formats in most instances.


"Words will never fully convey the deep gratitude I feel for your sharing your skills and gifts with me. It is my prayer that others who suffer will have the rich blessing of your healing practices. Your extensive knowledge has helped me with so many health issues over the time you have worked with me long distance. I wish I could pass that gift on to the entire world. It's amazing. I continue to be completely blown away by your generosity of spirit and knowledge.” -- Patricia Kelly, California Patient

"I initially consulted with Steven in-person, for acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional advice and qigong instruction. Then, due to changing personal circumstances and travel constraints (pre-pandemic), I switched to qigong remote/distance healing.   

"My health concerns were rather unique. I had survived three near-death experiences across fifty-plus years of life: 1. A near-fatal birth, 2. Toxic Shock Syndrome in my teens, and 3. A Venomous Bite, more recently.   Although all of the above involved several attending physicians (Western Medicine), their care was at best, limited (energetically speaking).  The above combination of extreme events left me with long-term symptoms of Chronic Fatigue, Dizziness, Insomnia, Weight-Gain and Rosacea.

"Steven is truly a gentle Giant!  He was always Professional, wise yet approachable, and a most compassionate Healer. He helped to identify my overall Yin Deficiency.  He provided specific feedback, including any additional recommendations (Herbal, Chinese Healing Exercises, Nutritional, etc.) on an ongoing basis and welcomed both my personal feedback and questions, by way of e-mail.

"After several months of once-weekly distance treatments: I have an increased amount of energy, feeling much more grounded within my body, from head to toe, with only occasional dizziness. My five senses have palpably become much keener, and I feel more ALIVE, than I have, in decades! My sleep is more solid and I awake, actually feeling well-rested.  My body is better able to handle more challenging exercise now! And, as a bonus: my Rosacea is clearing! Thank you, Steven, for bringing my body back into balance (at long-last) and restoring the quality of my life! I highly recommend his exceptional care and multiple modalities of Healing." -- Valerie D. from NY

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