2022 Class and Workshop Schedule

NEW CLASSES Beginning in Fall of 2022 (Online Only)


All new classes are kept small so that everyone will get individual attention and feedback, and so I can get to everyone's questions during class. Class recordings will be made available to you for download soon after the end of each class, for your future reference.

The Dao of Men’s Health:

Qigong, Herbs and Nutriceuticals to Improve Men’s Health and Wellbeing At Every Stage of Life

Men, this one-day-only online workshop is just for you! To optimize your health no matter your age, you won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to learn little-known practices that have been used in China for centuries to maximize male wellness and extend the healthy years of life. 


The original focus of most of these practices was to boost libido and potency, but what you’ll learn here provides a much wider range of health benefits. Rooted in the kidneys, sexual energy is the foundation for the totality of a man’s health, necessary for overall vitality, muscle development and endurance, positive mental outlook (reducing anxiety and depression), creative drive, confidence, cardiovascular health, longevity, and more. 


Additionally, herbs and supplements will be taught to provide the most comprehensive natural and holistic approach to men’s health currently available, blending ancient wisdom with the best contemporary nutritional research. 

By the end of the workshop, you’ll know how to improve:


Sexual vigor—boost testosterone naturally, improve body composition (increasing lean muscle while reducing fat) treat ED, and improve fertility (increasing the quality and quantity of sperm). From a Chinese perspective, increasing Kidney Yang while preserving and nourishing Jing Essence.


Prostate health—addressing BPH, prostatitis, reducing the likelihood of prostate cancer. From a Chinese perspective, clearing Damp and Heat from the prostate, promoting the free flow of qi locally.


Bladder and urinary tract concerns—addressing urinary frequency, urgency, incontinence, dribbling after urination, nocturia (nighttime urination), UTI, kidney stones. From a Chinese perspective, strengthening Kidney qi, clearing Damp and Heat from the Bladder, dispersing qi and blood stasis.

This workshop is taught in two parts. 


PART ONE, early afternoon.


• 11 Qigong and Self Care Practices, with a 12th bonus practice if time permits. Most of these are from classic Daoist sexology. You’ll learn the purpose for each exercise, so you can practice all of them for the widest range of benefits, or select only the ones that suit your needs best.


There will be no nudity in this workshop, but detailed graphic descriptions, anatomical diagrams, and props will be used to make each practice very clear. After a practice is taught, participants will be given some time to go off-camera to try it out to make sure there is no confusion or problem arising from the practice.


PART TWO, late afternoon, early evening.


• Targeted Supplements for Men’s Health Concerns

-- Chinese herbal formulas 

-- Single Chinese herbs 

-- Other herbs from various world cultures 

-- Contemporary western nutriceuticals (minerals, amino acids, and less well-known supplements)


A video recording of this workshop will be available for download or viewable online for one month. If you’re not able to attend but would still like access to the video, just send your enrollment tuition and the video link will be emailed to you soon after the end of the workshop. A list of recommended herbs and supplements will be included with the video link email.



DATE: Sunday, Dec. 4


TIME: 1-6 PM EST, with one scheduled 20-minute break.



***Discounted to 200 USD if enrolled by Nov. 20.


TO ENROLL:  Send tuition to me through Paypal or Zelle.

Paypal: daoist1@dslextreme.com

Zelle: daoist2@dslextreme.com

Please include a note with your name and “Men’s Health” so I’ll know it’s from you, and for this workshop. If you're not currently on my mailing list, please make sure you include your email address with your payment so I'll be able to send you the Zoom invitation.


Your tuition reserves your place in the workshop. You’ll receive the Zoom class link by email on or around Nov. 27.

Refund Policy:

The entire course video will be available for download or viewing for one month, no refunds are offered after enrollment.

Special: Classes For Seniors at The Concord Council On Aging!

Chinese Self Care Exercises and Dragon and Tiger Qigong

The CCOA’s policy is to only allow seniors (60+ years old) to attend the classes they sponsor, so if you’re a local senior and would like to get in-person instruction, you’re welcome to enroll in either or both of these class series.

Chinese Self Care Exercises (Zi Yu Gong)

Drawn from acupressure, paidagong, medical qigong, daoist yoga, and other related practices, these simple exercises are highly effective and can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or current level of health. Once learned, in just minutes a day you’ll boost your energy levels, increase the functionality of your muscles, internal organs, and sense organs; strengthen your immune system; improve mental focus and concentration, and restore or maintain emotional balance.


Unlike qigong or taiji, this is not a cumulative course of study, so you can join this class at any time and get the benefits of each exercise with no previous experience.


Support materials for this course are available. You can get the pdf version of my first book, Chinese Healing Exercises, and its companion DVD, A Visual Guide To Chinese Healing Exercises, here. They provide thorough, detailed instruction on nearly every exercise taught in this class.


DATE: Fridays beginning December 2


TIME: 1-2 PM


LOCATION: The Concord Council on Aging

                    1276 Main St, Concord, MA 01742


Sponsored by the CCOA, this is a deeply discounted course series. Please call the CCOA for details.


Tuition is payable on the first day of class, but early enrollment is helpful for the CCOA to get an accurate attendance count.


NOTE: For this class only, you can also pay as you go with a drop-in fee for each class attended.


TO ENROLL:  Call the CCOA at 978-318-3020

Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong 

Dragon & Tiger qigong is a 1,500 year old seven-movement medical qigong system with roots in Daoism and Buddhism. It’s a versatile and powerful practice, able to address numerous common medical conditions, prevent the onset of many diseases, and to promote greater health, vitality, wellbeing and longevity.


The first class is scheduled for Dec. 2 and is a free one-hour presentation of what Dragon and Tiger Qigong is, its history, what it can do for you, and a brief demonstration of its seven movements. Class instruction begins the following week, on Dec. 9. Tuition for this senior community is much lower than my standard rates, so take advantage of the opportunity to learn this valuable Chinese treasure, in person and very economically.


DATE: Fridays beginning December 2


TIME: 2-3 PM


LOCATION: The Concord Council on Aging

                   1276 Main St, Concord, MA 01742



Sponsored by the CCOA, this is a deeply discounted course series. Please call the CCOA for details.


Tuition is payable on the first day of class, but early enrollment is helpful for the CCOA to get an accurate attendance count.


TO ENROLL:  Call the CCOA at 978-318-3020

Dragon & Tiger 2.jpg

Dragon & Tiger Qigong for Beginners

Dragon and Tiger Qigong is one of the most popular qigong practices in the world. As a medical qigong, it has far-reaching health benefits. It’s relatively easy to do, fun to practice, and readily modifiable to accommodate people with physical or other health restrictions so everyone can enjoy and benefit from it. It’s a great entry level qigong, yet becomes a very powerful practice as one advances in it over time. This class will take you from the very beginning of Dragon & Tiger, with careful, step-by-step guidance throughout your training.

Learn more about Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong here

$135 monthly for each three-hour class.

This class does not yet have a specific start date. If you’re interested in attending, please let me know, and include days and times (Eastern Time) you are available to attend. I’ll put you on the wait list for the class. We’ll begin as soon as there are at least six interested people available on the same day and time. I have open hours on most week days, Saturdays, and some Sundays between 1 PM and 10 PM.

More New Classes Beginning Soon!
Join my mailing list to be among the first to learn about new class offerings. Otherwise, please visit this site regularly for updates. On the horizon:
• Daoist Longevity Breathing
• Gods Playing In The Clouds

CONTINUING CLASSES, July through December (Online)

The continuing classes are open only to students with some experience in these qigongs. They will remain in session approximately through the end of 2022. If you would like to join, please contact me as soon as possible to be included on the class roster. Tuition is expected no later than one week prior to each class.

All continuing classes are kept small so that everyone will get individual attention and feedback, and so I can get to everyone's questions during class. Class recordings will be made available to you for download soon after the end of each class, for your future reference.

H & E 3.gif

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qigong


This  3,000 year old two-movement Wood Element qigong nourishes the liver, tendons and ligaments, and is used to help heal back, neck, shoulder, and neuromuscular problems. Its many internal processes (neigong) include the stretching of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, the bending and bowing of the spine, the opening and closing of joints and body cavities without engaging muscles, and increasing the ability to absorb and emit qi through the hands. It is the most extensive qigong set for learning Opening and Closing (kai he), a necessary component of all qigong longevity practices.


By working with both the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbits, it helps coordinate the terrestrial and celestial ascending and descending qi flows and harmonizes the Yin and Yang energies within the body. Other special characteristics include pulling stuck qi out from the brain to promote clear thinking and mental focus, and infusing healthy qi into each organ while releasing any qi that may be bound there, for improved organ functioning. This core longevity practice dramatically increases qi throughout the entire body.

This ongoing class began in October, 2021. While this is an intermediate-level qigong practice, we’re starting from the very beginning of the form to make sure everyone has a stable foundation on which to grow in this robust and richly detailed qigong/neigong practice. It’s suitable for beginners and experienced students alike. If you have at least some experience in The Marriage of Heaven and Earth and would like to join us, please contact me.

DATE: Online classes meet on the third Sunday of each month.


TIME: 2-5 PM, ET


TUITION: $135 for each monthly workshop.


Any questions? Let me know, and I’ll get back to you usually within 24 hours.

Taiji Moongate.jpg

Energy Gates Qigong, Intermediate/Advanced

The focus of this class will remain on developing Standing (zhan zhuang), Cloud Hands (Yun Shou), the First and Second Arm Swings, and the Daoist Spine Stretch. Since April of 2020 in this online class, Cloud Hands has provided the template for numerous moving neigong components. We will add some of that neigong to the Arm Swings, appropriate to each swing. (Note, the Third Arm Swing can potentially damage the knees, hips and back unless taught carefully in person, so that will not be covered online.) In April 2021, we moved from intermediate to more advanced course work with the addition of some Spiraling Energy Body material (“Energy Gates Part 2”).

This ongoing class has been in session for about four years, with some students having many more years of training and experience. It is best suited for current continuing students, and for those with at least a few years of experience in Energy Gates Qigong who are ready to deepen their Energy Gates practice.

Learn more about Energy Gates Qigong here.

Date and Time:

This class meets on the second Sunday of each month, 2-5 PM.


$135 monthly for each three-hour class.