2022 Class and Workshop Schedule

NEW CLASSES Beginning in Summer of 2022 (Online Only)


All new classes are kept small so that everyone will get individual attention and feedback, and so I can get to everyone's questions during class. Class recordings will be made available to you for download soon after the end of each class, for your future reference.

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The Qigong—Herbs Connection:  Maximize Your Health, Energy, and Longevity!

These days, most people practice qigong (and taiji, bagua, or other internal arts) for better health, more energy, reduced stress, enhanced mood, greater functionality, longevity, and the vigor and drive to accomplish their individual life goals.


The proper use of Chinese herbs provides many of those same benefits, so even people who do not have a qigong practice will experience substantial gains simply by including herbs as daily supplements. When combined with qigong, they create a powerful synergy, maximizing the benefits of each. Some of these include:


acquiring more qi, the energy of life. The more energy your cells have, the better the functional activities throughout your whole body will work, improving respiratory, circulatory, neurological and all organ systems, all the way down to preserving your DNA.


promoting the smooth, unobstructed flow of qi for physical ease, soft, smooth movement, a release of tension, and reduced aches and pains. Along with nourishing yin, this helps reduce inflammation, alleviate stress, and creates mental clarity and calm, balanced emotions.


nourishing Essence, to stave off and even reverse many of the effects of aging. Commonly, older men in China take up the practice of taiji to maintain or restore waning sexual energy (one indication of a decline in essence).


While the internal arts are incredibly powerful for these purposes, they don’t supply all of the components necessary to fully optimize such goals. 

Chinese Herbs: The Missing Ingredient


Specific Chinese herbal formulas support all of the above objectives and have been used for that purpose by qigong masters throughout the millennia. Virtually every highly accomplished qigong doctor I’ve studied with, including two lineage holders (Grandmaster Fu Weizhong, Jeffrey Yuen), and the “doctor to the stars”, Master Hong Liu (his patients include Jackie Chan and Jet Li, themselves highly accomplished martial artists) use herbs both to increase the benefits of their personal qi cultivation, and to treat their patients most effectively. These qi masters choose to include herbs in their personal and professional practice because they're a crucial part of any complete health and longevity regimen.


Our body consists of energy and substance, yang and yin, qi and blood. All of the functional activities of our physiological processes are the yang and qi aspect, while all the structural and substantive parts are the yin and blood aspect. Essence can be thought of as a blending of the two, a yin fluid infused with yang qi.


Although qi exists in all things, within the human body it requires a material foundation from which to be anchored, stored, and grow. This is exemplified in the Chinese saying, “The qi is the commander of the Blood (qi makes blood move and flow freely, and holds blood within its vessels), but Blood is the mother of the qi (you need healthy, abundant blood out of which to produce more qi)”.


So we need to nourish our blood and yin, as well as cultivate our ability to acquire, mobilize and store qi if we want to optimize our health, energy and longevity. Being material substances, herbs are like super-foods that are better at nourishing the material of our body, including Jing Essence, than either qigong or acupuncture alone, and are just as good at tonifying and moving qi and yang.


Herbs contain nutrients that supply your body with qi and yang energy, and blood and yin fluids. This is very useful for people who have not yet fully cultivated their ability to acquire and store qi, as well as for older people who, even when fairly accomplished, may not be able to optimize the organ functions that produce more qi and blood. Fortifying qi and supplying the substances needed to build blood and yin fluids makes your qigong practice stronger, spares your body from the extra work of trying to generate more qi, blood, yin, yang, and essence, and supplies you with the substances necessary to rebuild and regenerate from a cellular level on up.

In this workshop, you’ll learn exactly which readily available herbal formulas (in capsule, tablet or tea pill form) to use to:   

• build qi and blood

• promote the free flow of qi

• clarify the mind and calm emotions

• nourish yin and replenish essence


Additionally, you’ll learn about some single herbs commonly used for those purposes; some western nutriceuticals that preserve and generate mitochondria, the organelles that produce ATP, the most yang molecule in our body; and others that preserve telomeres, reducing telomere shortening during cell division, a key component of longevity. 


While primarily intended to support your qigong practice, anyone can benefit by including the use of these herbs and supplements, an easy way to improve your health that will take no time out of your day. Please tell any of your health-conscious friends who may appreciate this information.


Sunday, July 31



2:30-4:30 ET

NOTE: In order to ensure you get all the necessary information, I’m including a possible additional half hour (at no extra charge) to 5 PM, so we may go that long if needed.



Online via Zoom. Once you’re enrolled, a zoom link will be provided approximately one week before this workshop.



110 USD, due no later than July 24.

***Discounted to 100 USD if payment is received by Sunday, July 10. 


Payment is accepted through Paypal. Use this email address to send your payment: daoist1@dslextreme.com. Your tuition payment will reserve your place in this workshop.

You may also contact me through the Contact Form below, with any questions you may have before enrolling.

The workshop will be recorded, and all attendees will get a link to the video soon after it ends. If you can’t attend that day but would like a copy of the video, send your tuition payment as above, and I’ll send you the link so you can download and view the video whenever you’d like. 


Everyone will receive an email with the names and dosages of all the formulas, single herbs, and nutriceuticals.

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Dragon & Tiger Qigong for Beginners

Dragon and Tiger Qigong is one of the most popular qigong practices in the world. As a medical qigong, it has far-reaching health benefits. It’s relatively easy to do, fun to practice, and readily modifiable to accommodate people with physical or other health restrictions so everyone can enjoy and benefit from it. It’s a great entry level qigong, yet becomes a very powerful practice as one advances in it over time. This class will take you from the very beginning of Dragon & Tiger, with careful, step-by-step guidance throughout your training.

Learn more about Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong here

$135 monthly for each three-hour class.

This class does not yet have a specific start date. If you’re interested in attending, please let me know, and include days and times (Eastern Time) you are available to attend. I’ll put you on the wait list for the class. We’ll begin as soon as there are at least six interested people available on the same day and time. I have open hours on most week days, Saturdays, and some Sundays between 1 PM and 10 PM.

More New Classes Beginning Soon!
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• Daoist Longevity Breathing
• Gods Playing In The Clouds

CONTINUING CLASSES, July through December (Online)

The continuing classes are open only to students with some experience in these qigongs. They will remain in session approximately through the end of 2022. If you would like to join, please contact me as soon as possible to be included on the class roster. Tuition is expected no later than one week prior to each class.

All continuing classes are kept small so that everyone will get individual attention and feedback, and so I can get to everyone's questions during class. Class recordings will be made available to you for download soon after the end of each class, for your future reference.

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The Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qigong


This  3,000 year old two-movement Wood Element qigong nourishes the liver, tendons and ligaments, and is used to help heal back, neck, shoulder, and neuromuscular problems. Its many internal processes (neigong) include the stretching of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, the bending and bowing of the spine, the opening and closing of joints and body cavities without engaging muscles, and increasing the ability to absorb and emit qi through the hands. It is the most extensive qigong set for learning Opening and Closing (kai he), a necessary component of all qigong longevity practices.


By working with both the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbits, it helps coordinate the terrestrial and celestial ascending and descending qi flows and harmonizes the Yin and Yang energies within the body. Other special characteristics include pulling stuck qi out from the brain to promote clear thinking and mental focus, and infusing healthy qi into each organ while releasing any qi that may be bound there, for improved organ functioning. This core longevity practice dramatically increases qi throughout the entire body.

This ongoing class began in October, 2021. While this is an intermediate-level qigong practice, we’re starting from the very beginning of the form to make sure everyone has a stable foundation on which to grow in this robust and richly detailed qigong/neigong practice. It’s suitable for beginners and experienced students alike. If you have at least some experience in The Marriage of Heaven and Earth and would like to join us, please contact me.

DATE: Online classes meet on the third Sunday of each month.


TIME: 2-5 PM, ET


TUITION: $135 for each monthly workshop.


Any questions? Let me know, and I’ll get back to you usually within 24 hours.

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Energy Gates Qigong, Intermediate/Advanced

The focus of this class will remain on developing Standing (zhan zhuang), Cloud Hands (Yun Shou), the First and Second Arm Swings, and the Daoist Spine Stretch. Since April of 2020 in this online class, Cloud Hands has provided the template for numerous moving neigong components. We will add some of that neigong to the Arm Swings, appropriate to each swing. (Note, the Third Arm Swing can potentially damage the knees, hips and back unless taught carefully in person, so that will not be covered online.) In April 2021, we moved from intermediate to more advanced course work with the addition of some Spiraling Energy Body material (“Energy Gates Part 2”).

This ongoing class has been in session for about four years, with some students having many more years of training and experience. It is best suited for current continuing students, and for those with at least a few years of experience in Energy Gates Qigong who are ready to deepen their Energy Gates practice.

Learn more about Energy Gates Qigong here.

Date and Time:

This class meets on the second Sunday of each month, 2-5 PM.


$135 monthly for each three-hour class.