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Physical Movements—Regulation of the Body
1. Legs and lower body
• Alignments
• Weight shifts (separating Yin and Yang, first stage)
• Muscle twisting
• Kua folds
2. Arms and Upper Body
• Alignments
• Three Circles
• Muscle twisting
• Shoulder blade movements
3. Combining upper and lower body (initial Separate and Combine).

Daoist Breathing in Cloud Hands—Regulation of the Breath
A core component of all qigong practices, and the single best way to relieve stress and rebalance the nervous system.

Awakening the Inner Senses: Mind Penetrates the Body—Regulation of the Mind
1. The neutral standing posture (zhan zhuang) with alignments and breathing.
2. The Four Conditions--Identifying and releasing qi obstructions.
3. Engendering unbound relaxation (sung)
4. Sinking qi to establish a strong root

Beginning Energetics: Primary Vertical Qi Flows; Opening and Closing (Kai He)
1. Energetics of the hands and arms
• Moving qi vertically through the etheric field
• Introducing Yin and Yang arm surfaces
• Opening and Closing in the arms.
2. Energetics of the legs
• Opening and Closing the kua
• Opening and Closing the knees
• Opening and Closing the ankles
• Vertical qi flows through the legs with Pushing and Pulling
• Moving qi across the pelvis
3. Energetics of the feet
• Three regions of the feet
• S-Pattern weight shifts/pressurizations
• Infinity weight shifts/pressurizations
• Amplifying vertical qi flow through the legs.
4. Getting qi to The Five Extremities

Introducing Central Channel Energetics (Zhong Mai Qi)
1. Daoist breathing to awaken the Central Channel
2. Threading The Needle/Silk Reeling (Chan Si Gong): Using the Central Channel to link and unify the movements of arms, legs, and torso

Practical Application 1: Boost Immunity by Clearing the Etheric Field/Qi Body
1. Cultivating sensitivity to the Yin and Yang surfaces of the body
2. Clearing the inner Qi Body using Yin qi (Inward projection of qi)
3. Clearing the outer Qi body using Yang qi (Outward projection of qi)
4. Bagua arm movement variation
5. Circle Stepping Cloud Hands
• Using vertical qi flows for stepping
• Clearing pathogenic factors from your immediate environment

Deepening the Neigong: Tissue Wrapping (Bao)
1. Distinguish tissue wrapping from muscle twisting
2. Tissue wrapping in the arms
3. Tissue wrapping in the legs
4. Tissue wrapping in the torso
5. Create horizontal qi flows and amplify Yin qi and Yang qi energetics.

Opening and Closing the Lower Dantian: Center to Periphery Energetics
1. Dantian meditation
2. Tissue wrapping to increase center to periphery energetics
3. Opening and Closing the eyes (Yang eyes, Yin eyes): The Path to Awaken the Upper Dantian.

Practical Application 2: Releasing Yin and Yang Restrictions
Reduce pain, increase functionality, improve energy.
1. Identifying Yin and Yang restrictions
2. Releasing Yin restrictions
3. Releasing Yang restrictions

Cloud Hands Yin and Yang Standing Postures

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