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Restore Health, Increase Energy and Extend Longevity with           Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Qigong and Taiji

Since beginning work in the alternative health field in 1985, my main objective is to provide you with the most effective and highest quality natural and holistic health care service, personalized and integrated to support your exact needs and health goals.

I understand how important and individual your health concerns are. We all want to restore, maintain or improve our physical capabilities, our strength, immunity, vitality, and ease within our body. We want clear focused minds and emotional balance to support our sense of equanimity and wellbeing. And we want to carry these things into a healthy old age to maintain a vigorous independence, fully engaging in all the things that give our lives meaning and joy.

To help you achieve your goals, I offer a comprehensive variety of Chinese medical services, Western alternative energy-focused bodywork, nutrition and western supplement consultation, and in-person and online training in a wide range of qigongs, taiji (tai chi) and other self-care practices which have consistently demonstrated superlative results over the centuries. We can select and customize from among these options, creating a balanced course of wellness perfectly tailored to you!


Integrated Natural Healing

Restore Health and Wellness

This is the first consideration if you are suffering from any type of health challenge. To help you restore and maintain good health, I provide a comprehensive range of Chinese medical and alternative health care services, including:


• acupuncture and adjunctive therapies

• Chinese herbal medicine

• medical qigong

• qigong tuina

• remote healing

• western herbs and nutriceuticals

• energy-based western bodywork therapies such as craniosacral therapy and zero balancing

You can choose to add qigong or other Chinese healing exercises, holistic physical therapies targeted to your health goals, to amplify and accelerate your healing.

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Optimize Vitality and Longevity


Taiji (tai chi), qigong, and related self care practices provide ways to open your body and mind, releasing tension and stress on a daily basis. They work directly with your qi (vital life energy) to improve the functional activities of your entire body, resist and reverse disease, increase your energy, harmonize your emotions, clarify your mind, and slow, halt and even reverse many of the signs of aging. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be used in conjunction, supportively for these purposes.


This approach is well suited for people who want to take an active role in their health care and wellness, extending healthy longevity. You will learn to have more control over your health and every aspect of your life as you uncover and utilize increasingly more subtle aspects of your being. This can also become a part of your 

             spiritual cultivation.


Steven Cardoza, M.Sc., L.Ac. has worked as a health professional since 1985. He holds a Master of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a nationally certified Chinese medical physician, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with over twenty five years of experience. He is a certified instructor of Wu taiji and many styles of qigong, and has taught public and professional classes and workshops on Daoist health and longevity practices since 1986. He is the author of the books Chinese Holistic Medicine In Your Daily Life, and Chinese Healing Exercises, A Personalized Practice for Health and Longevity, with its companion DVD, A Visual Guide To Chinese Healing Exercises.

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